Our Ethos

ETHOS (noun) guiding principles that direct decision-making and action-taking.

Our ethos is super-important to us because it influences everything we do.

A lot of organisations keep these principles private, but we wanted to share them so we can stay accountable and laser-focused in our work in bringing about change in the areas that matter most to us.

So with all that said, here they are!

Help artists thrive & making art accessible

Not starve, not just survive, but flourish personally, creatively and professionally. We exist to bridge the gap between stuffy art galleries and the high- street. Our wee shop gives the public a chance to buy
art at an affordable and fair price.  

Celebrate Home

Despite all the negativity in the media, we love where we live and are proud to call it home. We shout about all the great things going on here, encouraging others to love and give back to the places they were born and bred. 

Make Better Stuff

Quality and design are everything. Our own products are designed in house by our very own Linzi Rooney. We design top quality products leading to happier customers, fulfilled makers, larger margins and a healthier planet.

Support Local

Money spent locally should impact local people. We make it happen by supporting local makers, selling quality products and telling stories that are far better than internationally-owned high-street alternatives.

Trade Fairly

The global market has disconnected us from the people who make our products and made it easier to cover-up corruption. We challenge our makers, customers and ourselves to ask the tough questions and dig deeper to discover more just, ethical ways of doing business.

Look After The Planet

After all, it’s the only one we’ve got. We work with artists, manufacturers and suppliers to reduce the materials used in the production, packing and shipping process, encouraging them to use sustainable, environmentally-friendly alternatives.