Employees are the people who know your business inside out, so why not ensure they are your best brand advocates?

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Employees often feel over worked and undervalued which is only costing your business money. A survey reported by Forbes highlights that 66% of employees would quit, if they feel their work is underappreciated.  

Employee retention is critical for a successful business, high rates of staff turnover is not only costly for organisations, it takes away from the day to day function's of the organisation. Research has shown the customers experience is often impacted negatively when employees change regularly.

Internally, employee morale is often lowered when staff turnover is high. A study has found 61% of employees in the UK feel disconnected from their immediate colleagues. Lack of personal relationships in the workplace makes working collectively on a project more difficult and time consuming.

Employees often feel unsatisfied in their day to day tasks as they don't feel their work is aligned to the wider organisations goals. 79% of millennials have said they would feel more loyalty for their employers if there was an increase in rewards in their workplace.

What can be done to make employees feel valued? 

  • Build personal connection's with employees and get to know the person behind the hard work.
  • Ensure there is a clear line of communication for employees to raise concerns to their manager, HR, etc.
  • Regularly ask for employee feedback to ensure your business is performing as efficiently as possible. Your employees will often spot issues before they arise.  
  • Show individual employees appreciation when milestones are hit or goals achieved. Individual appreciation is considered more effective than company wide gestures.  

Showing a small touch of gratitude, can make your employees positive brand advocates for you.

Let us help you show your employees some appreciation. We are here to make your gifting experience as easy as possible - so reach out and say hi, let us know what we can do for you!

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