Behind the scenes at Born & Bred

Behind the scenes at Born & Bred

We're not saving lives but we are here to create a unique Born and Bred experience with everyone that interacts with us. We do this by exuding warmth and friendliness but this is backed up with dependable delivery, knowledgeable staff and the best creative talent Ireland has to offer.

Linzi and Leanne have been busy in the studio working on new products and all of our design elements. Leanne works in house alongside Linzi to bring products to our store that truly represent Born & Bred and everything we love about Belfast, Northern Ireland and beyond! Leanne has been with us for four years now, so she truly knows what is going on in Linzi's mind and brings it to life. 

Linzi Rooney working in studio at Born & BredLinzi Rooney and Leanne working on design in Born & Bred Studio

We are delighted that as of tonight (at 7pm), our Wee Cottage is back in stock!! We have been overwhelmed by the number of emails wondering when they will be back in stock and we are delighted to bring them back to you, we love when our customers love a product as much as we do! Corporate clients have also been keen to add the cottage and incense to their gift boxes for clients and employees! Our cottage has been our most popular gift since the beginning of 2023 and if the number of emails are anything to go by, I don't think it's going to slow down any time soon! 

If you follow us on Instagram you may have seen some teasers for our newest product, we are adding a new incense burner to the collection.. In true Belfast style we will be launching our Titanic Incense Burner! Linzi and Leanne have been hard at work over the past few months to design the perfect incense burner to go alongside our wee cottage, which will be available soon, after some unexpected delays - but it'll be worth the wait!! We're hoping for an end of June launch!


Titanic Incense Burner Titanic Incense Burner  Titanic Incense Burner at Titanic Belfast


We have also launched a new candle collection which are now in the 'extremely aesthetically pleasing' amber jars and look absolutely stunning on our shelves. Our candle scents range from 'Tea House'- the perfect combination of jasmine, tea leaves and rose to our 'Shipyard' the scents of amber, wood smoke and sea salt! There is definitely one to suit everyone - truly breathe in Ireland. We have also introduced our air freshener range to match the scents from our candle range. These are a new addition to the Born & Bred collection and the perfect addition to a corporate gift box - if we do say so ourselves!

Some corporate clients have already mentioned Christmas, may be hard to believe but the Christmas gifting season often creeps up on a lot of companies so the earlier the better we say! One of our clients will be working with us over the next few months to add a personal stamp to some potential gifts for their clients at Christmas. We love working with clients to help them put a personal touch on their gifts or include some company branding within our gift boxes. Gearing up for the Christmas season gets into full swing over the summer months so don't be afraid to reach out, you can never be too early!

We are delighted to stock so many amazing local products and we love to see new products in our store. The newest addition is the Ulster Weavers collection, which within the first week proved to be extremely popular amongst our customers. In store we now have a range of Ulster Weavers tea towels, aprons and oven gloves - perfect additions to any gift. 


Cowfield have introduced their newest product in our store over the past few weeks, the Belfast Brick Soap - extremely nostalgic for all the Belfast folk! Designed to resemble the iconic brick that lines the streets of BelfastAscetically pleasing with a sweet vanilla, cedar and musk scent, great if you are gifting the Belfast Sink or the perfect addition to your home if treating yourself! 


As always we are extremely busy and have a number of exciting projects to work on to bring all of our customers the best Born & Bred experience – and on that note I best get back to work!

Catherine x