Why Corporate Gifting is Key to Success

Why Corporate Gifting is Key to Success

Corporate Gifts are the key to a more efficient and happier work force.

Employees are now seeking jobs that give them more than a paycheck at the end of every month. They want to see value in the work they carry out day to day, and feel their work is contributing to the wider organisational goals. 

In the digital world we live in, corporate gifting is growing as organisations are beginning to see the value in having a happy workforce. The world of corporate gifting has grown 52% since 2019, hybrid working has enabled organisations to reinvest their budgets and use it to show their employees some appreciation. 

You're asking yourself why should I invest in corporate gifting? I've got you covered...

  1. Showing your employees they are valued is critical to creating a positive work culture. This not only benefits the employees you currently have but will reflect positively in a recruitment process if gifting is already incorporated in your organisation.
  2. It creates a happy work environment- a happy employee is an efficient one. Whether it is a virtual or in person office environment, ensuring your employees are happy within their team will create a positive work culture for everyone. A happy work environment makes it easier for new employees transitioning into the company. A study found 45% of millennials like to share pictures or videos of the gifts they receive on social media - showing others that your employees are happy at their workplace!
  3. The shift from in person to virtual work forces can make it extremely difficult to make personal connections with employees. Gifting employees with unique gifts is a fantastic way to show you care for and appreciate their work. A gift that relates to an employee’s life can help strengthen work relationships, no matter how far across the globe they may be. 
  4. Stand out from your competitors- recruiting top talent will become easier if you have already incorporated gifting into your organisation. Going that extra mile for your employees will reflect positively to new recruits and makes it more likely for them to accept a job in your organisation (and stay in it!!) A study found 54% of businesses plan to invest in corporate gifting in the next two years, so get ahead of the game!
  5. Encourages employees to become positive brand advocates. Employees as your brand advocates is key to recruiting new employees and customers. Having employees as positive brand advocates also increases employee retention rates and boosts morale in the organisation.   

These five reasons will be the stepping stones to helping your organisation become a happier place to work and a more profitable business in the long term!

We at Born & Bred are passionate about the world of corporate gifting and creating a positive work culture that results in happy employees and a successful business. Reach out and let us help you begin your corporate gifting journey.