Mental Health Awareness Week | 15th -21st May

Mental Health Awareness Week | 15th -21st May

15th -21st of May marks Mental Health Awareness Week

The world we now live in is always on, with news and media outlets directly in our hands we can struggle to switch off, whether in work or our personal lives.

Businesses today are noticing employees are seeking new jobs as a result of the impact workplace stress has on their mental health. A study by Forbes has found 56% of employees are seeking new jobs which can offer a better work life balance, to help manage their mental health. Employees are no longer accepting that excessive workplace stress is the 'norm’ and are seeking alternative workplaces to improve their mental health.

Organisations are responsible for ensuring their employees have the correct resources and training in the workplace to reduce workplace stress. 

  • Stress awareness courses are popular amongst corporate companies to help equip their employees with the skills to notice and manage stressful situations in the workplace.
  • Ensuring employees are fulfilled in the workplace and have the suitable resources to carry out their day-to-day tasks reduces workplace anxiety.
  • Cutting out unattainable deadlines and setting a structured wok plan reduces employee stress.
  • Effective communication policies are critical to ensuring the correct channels are in place to promote employee advocacy in the workplace.

Businesses have found by investing in employee mental health resources overall productivity and profits in their organisations have improved.

Pure Mental NI

At Born & Bred we understand the importance of providing support for mental health. Our charity partner for 2023 is Pure Mental NI, who work to provide primary school children with the tools and resources to learn and talk about their mental wellbeing. They focus on encouraging KS1 children to open up and talk to someone they trust about their mental health and provide the resources to grow young people's emotional vocabulary to have informed conversations around how they feel. 

Incorporating Mental Health Awareness into primary schools can only brighten the futures of our young people moving through their school lives and equip them with the correct tools to manage both the workplace and their personal lives.

Mental Health Awareness Week is an opportunity to check on friends or family and open up a conversation about mental health!