Corporate Gifting - the right way!

Leave a lasting impression with employees & clients.

Corporate gifting can transform the operations of your organisation – but it is critical to carry it out in an effective way. Gifting the right people at the right time will have a direct impact on not only employee work ethic and company profits but also the strength of relationships with clients.

If you invest in your employee’s wellbeing and careers, in turn they will be invested in your brand and organisation’s ethos!

Understanding what you want to achieve from gifting is key to selecting the most valuable gift for your organisation. Is your priority building positive relationships with employees? Or showing employees their hard work and loyalty is appreciated? Are you using gifting as a marketing tool to incorporate company swag? Is leaving a lasting impression with a potential or current client a top priority?

These are all questions needing to be considered prior to starting your corporate gifting journey. We love helping our clients establish a gift that will not only leave a lasting impression but will align with the recipient.

Branded company swag may have a negative impact on recipient's.

We all know companies love to share branded swag with both employees, clients, and even event guests. This is where research has highlighted a negative impact upon recipients. Clients and employees are well aware of the cupboards throughout the office with hundreds of pens, books and water bottles! Employees and clients will not feel valued when receiving these products as they are not specially selected to align with their interests. Only 1 in 10 people will use company swag in public if it’s marketing you’re hoping to achieve through gifting swag it may not be as effective as you think!

If branded gifts are a top priority for your organisation, incorporating a branded item alongside a carefully selected gift will help leave a positive impact on your clients. We understand the importance for clients to ensure their clients or employees know exactly who the gift is from when they open it. We incorporate company branding through branded box sleeves, printed company materials and personalised notes inside our gift boxes.

A thoughtful gift selected based on the recipient is more likely to leave a lasting impression, with 70% of people wanting uniquely selected gifts, rather than company swag or generic hampers. This means a uniquely selected gift is 46% more effective than a generic gift - I know what I would be investing my money in! Our range of products are from local artists, businesses, and food producers – providing a unique gifting opportunity for your business!

Set time aside out of your schedule to have a chat with us, we can brainstorm corporate gift ideas based on your recipients, company ethos and budget. Reach out and we can begin your corporate gifting journey with us here at Born & Bred!

Catherine x