Belfast Met HND Design x Born & Bred

Belfast Met HND Design x Born & Bred

HND Design Students x Born & Bred 

Over the past 3 months Linzi has been working with 1st year HND Graphic Design students at Belfast Met, Millfield Campus. The students were tasked with designing packaging for an exciting new product in the pipeline here at Born & Bred.

The students were provided with a product brief as well as the Born & Bred brand toolkit, which helped get their creative juices flowing. Then they were asked to come up with unique packaging that would align with the Born & Bred brand and the other products we already have. 

Linzi visited the students in their classes to chat with them and discuss the brief and answer any queries around the project. This gave the students an insight into life at Born & Bred helped them design packaging to align with our shop, and values!

Linzi felt this was the perfect partnership for Born & Bred as we are invested in helping local makers thrive and guiding the future designers of Belfast is the perfect way to do this. This project provided the HND students with an insight into the types of projects they may end up working on in the design industry once they finish their studies, so for both Born & Bred and the students it was an extremely beneficial project!

On Thursday the 4th of May we had the pleasure of hosting the students their friends and family in the shop. This was an opportunity for the students to showcase the packaging they had designed. It also provided the students with a further opportunity to have a chat with Linzi all around their thoughts and reasons behind the packaging designs. 

It has been a pleasure working with the students and their lecturers to assist with this exciting project for their studies and it was amazing to see the final results. We are so excited to see what these future designers do in their careers!!