International Women's Day 2023

International Women's Day 2023

International Women's Day is celebrated on the 8th of March, and it is an opportunity for people worldwide to celebrate the achievements of women in their lives, while also recognising the issues and inequalities women are faced with daily. 

This year International Women's Day global campaign is 'Embrace Equity'. The campaign hopes to spark conversations around the difference between Equality and Equity.

Equality focuses on all individuals receiving the same opportunities and treatment, no matter their circumstances.

Equity is focused on taking into consideration each person’s circumstances and demands treatment and access to opportunities be adjusted in accordance with the individual circumstances. 

Women of Northern Ireland continue to break down barriers by becoming business owners, fighting for their rights, and building positive communities against all odds, yet there is still room for progress. Recent studies have found, only 30% of women in Northern Ireland are self-employed and 52% of women are unemployed. In the last decade lone parents were the worst impacted by welfare reform in Northern Ireland and 91% are women. NISRA found the largest pay gap occurred between 50- to 59-year-olds with men earning nearly £2.50 more per hour than women!

Two organisations that work to help women develop their skills and embrace opportunities in NI are:

Women in Business NI focus on equipping women of Northern Ireland with the skills to help them progress in their careers, develop their own business’ and contribute to the economic success of Northern Ireland. WIB NI host monthly events to improve the skills of women in NI trying to grow their business and also provide resources and support to women in corporate companies to acquire new clients.

Women’s Resource & Development Agency work in Northern Ireland to help women from disadvantaged urban and rural communities to tackle inequalities affecting them. Their work focuses on providing leadership, infrastructural support and advocacy with the women’s sector.  

Here in Northern Ireland, we are heading in the right direction of supporting women across the region, but there is still room for progress! Call out discrimination, challenge gender stereotypes, actively go after inclusion in your workplace and society and help path the way for future women!

Our team


At Born and Bred we have a strong women-based team lead by owner Linzi Rooney. Linzi’s goal was to bring people together and create a safe welcoming shop to help support independent businesses. Within our store we support a number of amazing small business from our wee country. Products range from jewellery, to prints, lip balms, sea swim maps and so much more! Supporting independent businesswomen in Northern Ireland is helping local women thrive! Have a nosey at our female owned makers and artists collection:

Start the conversations within your friendship circles and communities to embrace equity this International Women’s Day!!