Belfast Tourism

Summer Season 2023

Belfast is known for its vibrant culture and welcoming hospitality!

With schools finishing up and annual leave beginning for many for the summer months, we can see a rise in the number of international and domestic tourists each day! Our store loves the hustle and bustle of the summer months that are approaching – we are super excited to welcome new and returning customers over the next few months!

Belfast has continued to rise as a popular holiday destination for both domestic and international visitors. This year across Northern Ireland businesses in the tourism industry have either returned to the same levels of profit as pre pandemic, with the largest majority exceeding their levels of profitability – amazing to see our wee country continuing to grow! Over the past few years domestic tourism has increased as the world changed throughout the pandemic and encourage people to explore and discover attractions a little bit closer to home. Staycations helped the local economy flourish throughout difficult times!!

The hotel sector in Belfast is delighted with the rise in hotel bookings this Summer with a mixture of domestic and international tourists the hospitality industry will continue to thrive this summer. Local hotels often contact us to arrange gifts for guests staying with them or for their VIP clients! For the hotels a popular gift box is our Belfast Gift Box giving visitors a taste of the city before they leave their hotel to explore - check out our range of gift boxes below!

Belfast was awarded the top conference destination globally, for the second year running. This is an amazing addition for the hospitality and tourism industry in Belfast as it brings visitors to the city throughout the week when hotels and restaurants are quieter. We love it when conferences are in the city as we provide a number of gifts on behalf of our corporate clients for those attending events, as well as thank you gifts for key speakers!

If you are planning a company event or conference we'd be delighted to provide some complimentary copies of our Belfast Guide which includes a map of Belfast City Centre - reach out and we can arrange copies for your conference!

Culture & Nightlife

The hustle and bustle around Belfast bars are definitely one of a kind!

In our Born & Bred guide we highlighted a few of our favourite spots for a Guinness as well as a cocktail – we tried to make sure there’s something to suit everyone in our wee Belfast guide. From traditional Irish Music sessions in lively pubs all the way to cocktail lounges and the perfect stop for a traditional stew!

For pints our staff’s favourite stops were the Sunflower, Bittle’s Bar, Kelly’s Cellars and Duke of York. With cocktail stops including the Merchant Hotel, Margot, Bootleggers (our neighbours) as well as The Jail House - you can download our guide below!

Born & Bred Guide To Belfast
Fancy a dander? Finding your way round our wee city will be wee
buns with the help of our guide.
Download Now

We have been blessed over the past few weeks with some sun – our international visitors have been pleasantly surprised by the temperatures we’ve had!

Walking tours of Belfast have been lucky to see the city in its best light with Titanic Museum and the Samson and Goliath twin cranes shining in the sun.

Customers have been telling us how they are loving exploring the city without ducking in and out of the rain… - we can’t guarantee it will last so we’ll need to make the most of it over the next while!

Let the summer season commence!

Catherine x