Why Invest in Corporate Gifting?

Employee and client gifts could be the answer your organisation has been looking for!

Corporate gifting is key to creating long lasting client & employee relationships!

The world of corporate gifting has grown 52% since 2019! We love working with our clients and seeing the impact corporate gifting can have on their business. From our close relationships with clients, corporate gifting has increased both employee and client loyalty – saving money on employee recruitment and client acquisition in the long term! Investing in client relationships not only retains current clients but also increases the chances of gaining new clients through positive word of mouth. A recent study has also found 54% of businesses plan to invest in corporate gifting in the next two years - so why not get ahead of your competitors!!

Several of our clients have come to us seeking support in re-engaging with their employees and providing gifts that will leave a lasting impression. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of employers have found it difficult to engage with and entice employees back to their office buildings or partake in company events.

Earlier this year we worked with a Belfast based organisation to provide their employees with a gift box with items they could use in the office – a mug, accompanied with coffee and some snacks, as well as items they could use outside of work including beanies, socks, and candles. Providing a gift that considers both work and home life is the perfect balance, as it not only shows your appreciation for the work they carry out but also for the employee as a person.

Event Gifting

A popular gifting option for our clients is providing single items, small gift boxes or tote bags as event gifts. Providing your guests with a gift is a simple and effective way to leave a lasting impression from your event. Our clients have had such positive feedback from providing gifts at their events – no matter how small or the value, their event attendees love a tangible gift (that isn’t a branded pen) to take home with them!

A major benefit companies have found from providing gifts at events is the discussion and sharing of images on social media that follow the event. A study found 45% of millennials like to share pictures or videos of the gifts they receive on social media – a simple and effective way to get your organisations name out there!

Increasing overall revenue is key for all businesses.

An important element for any business is increasing overall revenue! Our past and current clients have found by investing in employees and boosting morale within their organisations, their employees become more efficient and willing to help achieve organisational goals. Research has found an unhappy employee takes up to 10 times more sick days than a happy colleague - reiterating the importance on investing in employees in your organisation!

It is clear the ROI from providing gifts to employee, clients and event guests is an important element to maintaining and creating lasting relationships. Investing in employees in the short term, increases morale, work ethic and loyalty in the long term!

We love seeing the positive results for our clients after the gift giving process. Drop us a message and see how our gifts can have a positive impact within your organisation!

Catherine x