Our top tips for Memorable Employee Gifting!

Do you struggle with selecting employee gifts?

Let us help you! We know it can be hard to find a suitable time to gift all employees and the selection process can be timely, but a token of appreciation can go a long way. Research has shown 76% of Millennials said they would quit a job if they felt under appreciated.

Dive into our recommendations on how to select a suitable gift for your employees and reduce employee turnover rates!

Think outside the box!

Have a think of how many times you have received gifts over the years that you either didn't appreciate or didn't use!

Avoid gifts that feel or look generic as it may leave a negative impression on your employees. Set aside some time to select gifts that will leave a lasting impression. A handpicked gift will show that time and effort has went into the gifting process and this alone will be appreciated by your employees!

Budget & Time!

Always keep your budget in mind when beginning to select gifts. An expensive item doesn't always translate to high impact or leaving a lasting impression! Our gift items range from as little as £2.50 for food items all the way to items for £100+, so we definitely have items to accommodate all businesses budgets.

The most important element is the thought and effort you put into the gift selection, the most expensive element for some organisation's may be the time set aside to arrange the gifts. When sending gifts in most cases recipients can easily tell if a gift has been thrown together quickly, therefore leaving enough time to select gifts is critical for gifts to have a high impact!

Consider your relationship with your employees.

Getting to know the person behind your employees job role will definitely help with the gift selection process. This doesn't mean setting a 1-1 meeting with each employee, but being aware of simple things such as the coffee lover in the office means a coffee mug accompanied with ground coffee would be greatly appreciated!

coffee gift box
Wee Coffee Gift Box
Wee Coffee Gift Box
Wee Coffee Gift Box
Wee Coffee Gift Box
Wee Coffee Gift Box
Wee Coffee Gift Box
wee cup of coffee box

Wee Coffee Gift Box

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Every morning needs a wee cup of coffee especially when its teamed with your favourite ground Foundry blend, roasted right here in Belfast. 

Save £2 of this product bundle when you guys this gift box. :)

Box includes - 

'wee cup of coffee' enamel mug

250g Born and Brewed Foundry Blend. This Foundry blend is named after Soho Foundry, the industrial heart of Belfast during the 1800's. With this deep rooted history in our city it is the perfect taste of Belfast. Perfect for French press. 



A thoughtful gift can boost employee morale, engagement and how well employees work together as a team. Keep in mind 69% of employees say they would work harder if their work is better appreciated!!

Let us assist with all your gifting needs, and take the stress out of gifting for you! Drop us a message to see how we can help!

Catherine x