HR Department Gifting Tips

Nurtuing employees is key to a postive work evironment!

The impact corporate gifting has both internally and externally is truly significant. In this week’s blog we have a look at how HR departments can benefit from incorporating business gifting in their annual strategies as well as the most suitable times to gift.

1. Employee Appreciation Gifts

Showing your employees they are truly appreciated is the perfect way to increase employee morale and create a positive work environment.

From our clients we have found a great time to say thank you to your employees is at the end of busy periods or when tight deadlines are achieved! Our clients have found this a truly beneficial time to gift as their employees are reminded their hard work and dedication is truly appreciated.

Significant dates in the annual calendar such as employee appreciation days are the perfect time to show your employees their work throughout the year doesn't go unnoticed - and helps you stand out from your competitors!

2. Celebrating Milestones

Celebrating milestones, whether personal or professional is a great way to show a genuine interest in your employees. Whether it's to celebrate a promotion, or a new qualification is achieved, having an interest in employees professional goals will encourage employee loyalty. Or if your employees are celebrating a personal milestone such as a new home, marriage or a big birthday - why not share a gift to show the person behind the hard work is appreciated!!

3. Attracting Talent & Onboarding Employees

Already incorporating corporate gifts in your organisation will help you stand out from competitors and encourage top talent to apply for new roles. Having a positive external reputation is critical to ensuring your organisation is an appealing place to work - and there is no better place to start than ensuring your employees are positive brand advocates. Gifting during the onboarding process is the perfect way to make your employees feel welcome into their new role and the wider organisation.

4. Improve Company Culture & Boost Morale

Actively working to create a positive work environment is key to ensuring staff morale and productivity levels are high! Corporate gifting could be the investment your organisation is missing. Ensuring to plan ahead and arrange gifts on time helps ensure your employees feel valued.

Considering festive gifts for your employees?

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Ensuring your gifting the right people at the correct time could make corporate gifting a critical part of your organisation. It's always important to ensure your gifts align with the core values of your organisation as well as your gift recipient!

We would love to hear about your employee gifting needs and help provide some gifting inspiration! Drop us a message to see how we can help.

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