What makes Born & Bred stand out from other corporate gifts you have given or received over the years?

Well, we are passionate about providing top quality gifts with a wee touch of home!

Our Born & Bred products are designed by our very own, Linzi Rooney owner of Born & Bred. Each product is designed with passion for art and love for the wee place we call home.  Born and Bred was developed to help local artists thrive in the world of business, giving them a stepping stone to showing Belfast their talent by stocking their products in our shop. Our gifts have some Belfast personality and stand out from the rest!

By sharing our gifts you will be helping to support small Northern Irish business'  and local artists in the process, sure how could you beat that? We at Born & Bred are passionate about the world of corporate gifting and creating a positive work culture that results in happy employees and a successful business.

Over the years we have assisted corporate companies with sharing some Irish love throughout the world by gifting their employees, clients, event speakers and conference guests. Our goal for 2023 is to take it to the next level, by helping companies understand why corporate gifting is key to maintaining a successful business with happy employees and clients. 

We are here to make your gifting process as easy as possible, have a wee nosey at our corporate website and build a box of appreciation for your employees or clients.

If you think we can help your business in any way – reach out and say hi! We'll get you sorted.

Awk hiya love corporate gift box,