Retail Roundup | Born & Bred

Retail industry is on the rise!

We want our customers, staff and artists to become united in their desire for better gifts. To come together and have a shared experience of what it means to be from this little island.

Since April 2023, stores within the retail industry have been delighted with the increase in sales. With the retail industry continuing to flourish we have noticed from the end of Q1 a significant change in consumer behaviour, particularly within our store. Customers are now seeking more than just the products they purchase; they want a personalised and engaging experience that leaves a lasting impression. The shift in behaviour is reflected in the higher footfall we have seen in our store.

We have noticed an increase in customers taking the opportunity to see products they are interested in before they make a purchase!

Customers love coming in store to have a chat with our staff – and experience Becca and David's 'unique' sense of humour, it gives customers the chance to learn a little bit more about the products before their purchase. Sometimes a little guidance and a few recommendations can have our customers leaving with the perfect gift that they may not have thought of themselves! Although online shopping has become increasingly popular, there is a unique charm to the in-store experience – we show the true Belfast hospitality in store!

We are continuing to expand our product collections!

Our new product ranges are proving to be popular amongst our customers and corporate clients! We launched our ankle socks at the perfect time for a shorter summer sock! Adding the purple and tan colours to our sock collection has added the perfect pop of colour to the shelves in store for the summer! Also, we are almost sold out of our first batch of our Tiny Titanic Incense burners!! We can’t believe how quickly they have sold and are supper excited for the delivery of our second batch! Also, our extended incense collection is ready to launch to accompany our amazing incense burners!

pure beaut white quarter sock

From our corporate clients we have noticed a rise in team and employee gifts throughout the month of June. Managers and organisation’s have been showing their appreciation for their employee’s hard work throughout the first half of the year - we love playing a small part in rewarding employees for their hard work!

We are busy working behind the scenes on Christmas content shoots and developing a gifting guide to make our corporate clients lives a little bit easier leading up to the festive period! Q3 is a busy period for us with Christmas requests beginning to stream in. Getting in ahead of the last minute gift givers means we can work to accommodate all requests and ensure all gifts are delivered on time!

Excited for what's to come over the next few months!

Catherine x