The World of Retail | Born & Bred

The World of Retail | Born & Bred

With the fast-paced nature of the retail industry we are always interested in keeping up to date with the newest trends in the retail world! 

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Across the retail sector in the UK and Ireland the public are seeking to purchase products from local or small businesses rather than larger chain stores. The pandemic has shifted consumer behaviour in this direction, with 9 in 10 people saying they would continue to shop locally and continue to support small businesses in the future - which we are delighted to hear! Studies found 15% of the public stated products from local businesses are better quality and have a more interesting range of products, encouraging them to support local as their first choice.

Loyalty and reward schemes are becoming more popular within the retail sector, outside of the standard food retailers, businesses are ensuring consumers are returning to their stores both online and in person. Retaining customers has helped retailers build stronger customer relationships and increase their overall brand reputation. 

4 in 5 consumers use a loyalty programme!

Over half of consumers in the UK have indicated they are more likely to shop with retailers offering loyalty schemes, as it provides them with better value for their money. Loyalty schemes make consumers feel like a valued customer, as the discounts or offers often align with their previous purchases. 

Here at Born & Bred we are working in the background to establish a loyalty programme. After the years of support from our customers we think it is the perfect time to give a little back! Keep your eyes peeled for news on our loyalty programme coming soon!!

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Corporate gifting market across the UK has an estimated worth of £78.3 million. The average spend on corporate gifting is £50, with the actual gift varying from physical gifts, e-gift vouchers to food hampers. We have noticed throughout the year our clients are becoming more interested in the gifting process and want to share something unique to ensure their recipient knows time and thought went into their gift!

Businesses are beginning to prioritise the use of corporate gifting as a critical investment for maintaining B2B relationships. Businesses across numerous industries, including manufacturing, IT, utilities, etc. are realising the importance of not only acquiring new relationships, but also maintaining and re-establishing relationships from past business ventures. We have assisted clients in recent months to open up old conversations by sending a gift on their behalf with a personalised message and the recipient has reached out to open old business discussions. 

Corporate gifting in the private sector has accounted for 88% repeat business, showing that the right gift, at the right time can create a steady income for businesses and cuts cost in recruiting new client. Our client portfolios range from ad hoc gifting to monthly or quarterly gifting for employees, as well as providing gifts for events. Our gifting process ensures your recipients will remember your business in the long term.

We are here to make your corporate gifting experience as stress free as possible, so stop fretting about organising the entire office gifts and reach out to see how we can help!

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