Behind the Scenes at Born & Bred

With the summer months coming to an end, now felt like the perfect time for an update on all things Born & Bred!

Throughout July and August in store we were extremely busy with tourists visiting Belfast. The store was bustling with new customers, and we love having a chat with visitors to Belfast and explaining all our local sayings! We had several Taste & Tour groups in each week, with groups varying from 6 – 40 people. We provide a unique experience for Taste & Tour groups, allowing visitors to taste local products and then browse both floors of our store! Although the summer months have come to an end, we still have a number of Taste & Tour groups booked in over the next few weeks as the cruise ships are still docking here in Belfast. From the summer rush we are now moving to think of the Christmas season and preparations are already underway!

Did you spot our Summer campaign?

You may have seen on our social media or on bus shelters around Belfast our work with some local NI faces wearing our fabulous sock collection!

Shooting with the Belfast giants!

Last weekend Linzi and Charis had the opportunity to shoot content of Mack Stewart from the Belfast Giants on the ice, as well as in the locker rooms and from the side-lines! They had the pleasure of watching the Belfast Giants warm up ahead of their friendly against the Glasgow clan. Keep your eyes peeled on our social media channels for the content – we are super excited about this one!

Who doesn't love a new product collection?

Our products are continuing to expand as always- with Leanne and Linzi busy working on new design elements, we love it when the finished products arrive in store!
Our newest range includes a range of magnets, keyrings and festive decorations! Our most popular item so far has been our Belfast magnet, we have had to restock already! Have a nosey below-

All things Christmasss!

You may have seen on our social media we have started posting some of our Christmas content. This year we had our Christmas shoot finished up by mid-August! We work with our amazing photographer Luke to ensure we are ready for all festive requests from our corporate clients.

Over the past few weeks, we have had a number of requests already to arrange employee
and client gifts for a range of businesses from construction companies to recruitment agencies- the variety in our gift offerings ensures we definitely have something for everyone!

In store our Christmas decorations have also been flying of the shelves. Our online orders have went through the roof as customers are loving our baubles that are on offer as well as our new range of festive decorations ahead of the Christmas season.

christmas bauble decoration northern ireland

We are so excited about the busy few months we have ahead of us not only arranging festive gifts for our corporate clients but also assisting our customers in store provide the perfect gift!

Catherine x