Born & Bred Insights

Born & Bred Insights

The past few weeks have been busy as usual, with a few events, footfall in the store rising and new members joining our team it has been all go!

After a busy few months designing new products and packaging we have been filling the shelves with the finished products. We launched our new candle collection which includes our most popular scents, in stunning amber jars. As well as our ‘wee collection’ of candles with new scents including Buckfast, Irish Coffee and even a Soda Bread scent! The wee collection is the perfect addition to any corporate gift as we have a scent to suit everyone – whether it ignites a nostalgic memory or creates a lasting memory of Ireland!

With our socks proving to be one of our most popular products throughout the years we thought why not bring some new additions to the collection! Our Ankle Sock range includes new colours as well as ‘pure beaut’ to the collection. We have added a lilac and tan colour to the sock collection this time! Our socks have been popular for work from home care packages for employees to add a cosy element to corporate gifting! 

Maine Man candle Wee candle collection

The product most customers and clients have been waiting for is our Tiny Titanic Incense Burner!! With a few unexpected delays our hand painted, ceramic Titanic Incense Burner is waiting to set sail to you or your client or employee’s home. We are sticklers for attention to detail here at Born & Bred so just like to real ship the back funnel does not smoke! Accompanied with our shipyard incense it is the perfect addition to any home - you really couldn't beat it!

Titanic Incense Burner Titanic Incense burner

Friday 9th June Linzi spoke on a panel at Rapid Sessions 002, discussing all things branding. On the panel Linzi was accompanied by Kathryn McKinney from Rapid and Olivia Burns from Olivia's haven. Linzi brought to life the ins and outs of building a brand and how important it is to understand when you need to make changes and adapt your strategy. Linzi provided a true insight to the Born & Bred brand and how continuing to push boundaries to represent her goals is why people love our store so much! After working closely with Rapid on our website and branding over the past few years it was a fantastic opportunity to be a part of their amazing event - excited for the next one!

 Rapid Sessions  002Rapid Sessions 002 

We highlight the best of Irish talent through our carefully curated and culturally relevant showcase and our new products are the perfect addition to this - we're actually class. 

Catherine x