Key Reasons to Invest in Event Gifting

Event Gifting is on the rise!

Over the past few years, we have noticed an increase in the number of businesses and organisation’s setting aside budget to include gifts as part of their events. The events we have arranged gifts for vary from consumer events, business conferences as well as internal events for employees all the way to bus tour events for media! Throughout the pandemic we assisted with the provision of gifts for virtual events, helping organisation’s bring employees together and show appreciation from afar! Today we still provide gifts for employees in organisation’s operating both hybrid and fully remote.  

Gifts are definitely worth the investment for your events!

Dedicating part of your budget specifically to gifts for your event is a clear indicator to your guests that you appreciate their presence. Any event requires guests to take time out of either their work or personal lives - and a small token of appreciation is the perfect way to thank them!

A number of our clients found our gifts have played a major role in opening up conversations between guests attending their events that may not know each other. Our gifts are the perfect way to open up a light hearted conversation and break the ice between guests- resulting in an enjoyable event for everyone.

Gifts inevitably leave a lasting impression on recipient's - which will reflect the ethos of your organisation. By investing in gifts it shows your organisation has a genuine appreciation for the people supporting them, whether this is clients or employees. This is why it is important to ensure your gift selection will portray a positive image of your business!

The ROI for your business could be a major bonus for your events!

By providing gifts at a successful event you are providing your guests with an item they can take home with them - which they will then associate with your company! For external events, our clients have found providing gifts has increased the number of guests returning to attend other events arranged by their organisations.

Clients have also found providing gifts at their events has resulted in guests sharing images and discussing the event across social media channels - mainly LinkedIn and Instagram. This has increased both social media followers as well as interest in future events!

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Working on gifts for client events is always an exciting project for us at Born & Bred, as the requirements are never the same!

Reach out and let us know what gifts you require for your upcoming event!

Catherine x