Investing in Client Gifting | Top 3 Reasons to Gift

Build strong and lasting relationship's with your clients!

Investing in Client Gifting for long term business benefits.

Client gifting can vary greatly from internal employee gifting. It may be more difficult to form personal relationships with an external client, but this is where business gifting can break down these barriers. Client gifting is an investment a number of our customers have found to be extremely effective in not only client retention but also client acquisition.  With client gifting our past customers are often seeking gifts that will not only leave a lasting impression but will create lasting relationships.

Have a look at the three most common reasons we have found for client gifting:

1. Relationship Building

With the world we live in beginning to operate remotely for a number of business operations, we have found from our close relationships with clients, businesses are beginning to focus on the personal relationships they have with their clients. Getting to know the person behind their job role is the perfect way to make working together an enjoyable experience for both parties.

Treating your clients with a thoughtful gift, specifically selected with them in mind is a simple way to make them feel appreciated. From our experience with customers, businesses have began sending clients gifts for a number of occasions, including gifts as a thank you, but also to celebrate personal milestones such as birthdays, job promotions, etc.

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2. Brand Visibility

Due to the competitive nature of the business world, staying at the forefront of your clients mind is essential. Ensuring your gift is thoughtful and aligns with your client is critical to ensuring gift giving is effective in this area.

Building and maintaining a positive brand image is a critical part to any business and by investing in client gifting you are highlighting where your organisations priorities are and the elements that are important to you. Positive word of mouth about your business is the easiest and least expensive way to gain new clients. Ensuring your current clients are happy with your work, services and company ethos will assist with acquiring new clients.

Going the extra mile for your clients will set you apart from your competitors and our gifts are the perfect way to do so! Our unique range of gifts will put your organisation at the forefront of your customers minds. Our gifts are definitely not your generic gift hamper, we have a range of locally produced products that will leave a lasting impression.

3. Long Term ROI

Although gift giving requires up front costs, it is important to assess and focus on the long term ROI that will come from gifting. Companies have found an increase in client loyalty, customer referrals from current clients, lower costs in client acquisition as well as overall business growth!

We love seeing our clients continue to grow thier businesses and mainitnain their business relationships!

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We would love to help you arrange a thoughtful gift for your clients to help you stand out from your competitors.

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