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Top 5 Client & Employee Gifts

Here's our most popular gifts this year so far!

Have a nosey at our most popular items and gift boxes for some inspiration!

Not to keep mentioning the ‘C’ word… but ahead of the Christmas season we know a number of our customers will be seeking inspiration for their business gifts! Whether you are gifting a client, employee or arranging gifts for an event we have you covered. Our client requests vary greatly depending on the organisation and the recipient but we have a number of products that are favourites all around!

Lets have a look at five of the most popular gifts selected by clients, including individual items as well as completed gift boxes.


1. Mug Collection

Due to the diverse range of mugs we have to offer, our mugs are always popular amongst our clients. Our mugs are often gifted as individual items for employees - paired with our 'Wee Gift For You' box.

Clients often select a theme for their gift boxes and our mug is definitely the most popular item to add in, whether it's a whiskey theme, or for the coffee lover in the office there is a mug for all occasions.

The mugs are a popular option for event gifts. Clients enjoy having something for their guests to take home with them that they will use and have fond memories of the event.

2. Wee Coffee Box

Customers love our Wee Coffee Box! Including a 'Wee Cup of Coffee' mug in a colour of your choice paired with our ground Foundry blend coffee, roasted right here in Belfast!

A gift that provides employees, clients or event guests with a hot drink to enjoy whether working from home or at the office. These are the perfect gift boxes for the coffee lover in your office or to help brighten the mood on a gloomy Winter morning.

coffee gift box
Wee Coffee Gift Box
Wee Coffee Gift Box
Wee Coffee Gift Box
Wee Coffee Gift Box
Wee Coffee Gift Box
Wee Coffee Gift Box
wee cup of coffee box

Wee Coffee Gift Box

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Every morning needs a wee cup of coffee especially when its teamed with your favourite ground Foundry blend, roasted right here in Belfast. 

Save £2 of this product bundle when you guys this gift box. :)

Box includes - 

'wee cup of coffee' enamel mug

250g Born and Brewed Foundry Blend. This Foundry blend is named after Soho Foundry, the industrial heart of Belfast during the 1800's. With this deep rooted history in our city it is the perfect taste of Belfast. Perfect for French press. 



3. Candle Collection

Our large candle collection has changed to our stunning amber jars and our clients have been loving them. They fit perfectly with our branding and are a great addition to any gift box (or any home!)

The most difficult decision for our clients is selecting a scent from our range of eight scents in our large collection and five scents in our miniature collection!

4. Range of Socks

With our wide range of socks our clients never struggle with gifting the same pair each time. Our sock collection includes six different colours and eight sayings! Our collection includes UK Sizes 4-8 and 8-12 so no one is left out!!

Whether you are sending a gift to a colleague, employee or client our socks are the perfect light hearted gift to share on their own or as part of our gift boxes!

5. Pretty Much Me Box

A particularly popular gift box amongst our range of clients, particularly event organisers as a thank you gift!

The gift includes our Wee Cup of Tea enamel mug accompanied with our Titanic Tea. As well as our Cheeky Wee Gin Mug and Aunt Sandras Honeycomb! The perfect gift for a cosy morning in and a cheeky gin in the evening.

pretty much me gift box
wee cup of tea pink mug
wee cheeky gin pink mug
Pretty Much Me Gift Box

Pretty Much Me Gift Box

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This box will bring you from morning to night.

Save £3 on this product bundle when you guy this gift box! :) 

Have your morning, mid-morning, nearly not morning, noon (do you see where we are going with this lol) cup of Titanic Tea out of your 'Wee cup of Tea' enamel mug. Then as 5 pm hits you can switch it up and put your fav Gin in your 'Cheeky wee Gin' enamel mug and top it off with some of Northern Irelands best Honeycomb.

The Honeycomb can also be eaten as a mid-afternoon snack. (no one will ever find out lol)



Box contains 

'Wee Cup of Tea' enamel mug

'Cheeky Wee Gin" enamel mug

40 'Titanic Tea' tea bags

100g Aunt Sandras Honeycomb


Hopefully these top five favourites have provided some inspiration or ideas for your next client or employee gift!! Let us know if you have any queries or how we can assist with fulfilling your order by dropping us a message.

Catherine x