Prioritising Employee Relationships in 2024!

Building Strong Workplace Connections is key to success!

January is the perfect time for planning the year ahead for your organisation and considering the benefits of prioritising team building should definitely be on your agenda this year.

Here at Born & Bred we are busy reviewing and planning what changes we will be implementing throughout 2024 to ensure we continue to thrive as a business but especially looking at how we continue to thrive as a team!

In today's work model organisations operating on hybrid or fully remote models are most common, therefore incorporating gifting to your team building plans is the perfect way to start the year of right!

Building team connections is critical to ensuring your work place operates effectively but also ensures you have employees who are happy in the workplace and feel they are surrounded by people they can turn to for help or guidance.

A number of organisations have found the ROI of combining team building and employee gifting to be extremely high! A study by Forbes found 80% of gift buyers have found providing corporate gifts have improved employee (and client) relationships!

Align Gifts & Organisational Values

Although most gifts will be appreciated by all parties, it is important to ensure you are aligning your gifts with the values of your organisation. This is a great way to help with not only the gift selection process, but it also helps your employees be reminded of the core values your organisation want to uphold. This will help employees refocus in their work individually, as well as in a team!

Connecting Remote Workers

When gathering employees together, whether in person or remote - having gifts for each employee will help break the ice and introduce a relaxed style of conversation to the event. Whether they discuss the gifts themselves or even how or when they may use the gift could be the perfect conversation opener your event needed.

In the past we have had feedback from corporate clients who have had such a positive reaction to gifts from our store that their event was a major success and the gifts also worked as an ice breaker - win, win!

Step away from the social norms!

Incorporating employee gifting to your business model throughout the year is the perfect way to retain loyal staff and stay a step ahead of your competitors - a shocking 79% of employees change job as a result of lack of appreciation.

Providing gifts at times throughout the year when your staff least expect it will ensure your gifts are not only appreciated but also show your employees they are truly valued. Gifting at times where your employees are expecting gifts may devalue the gift.

At times in the year when you feel like you need to provide gifts, why not work to create an environment for employees that is positive at all stages throughout the year. Incorporating gifts at team building events will show your employees that you truly appreciate their hard work and there was no feeling of 'needing' to provide gifts!

Research has consistently highlighted the direct benefits of investing in your employees outside of their day to day work. If you invest in your employee’s wellbeing and careers, in turn they will be invested in your brand and organisation’s ethos!

Why not start 2024 out right by working to incorporate employee appreicaiton and team building through corporate gifting! We can't wait to work with past and future clients in the year ahead!

Catherine x